Thursday, July 05, 2007

Surly Stainless Steel

Surly Stainless Steel
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I just replaced the freewheel, chain, and chain ring on my single speed.

I went with an ACS freewheel. It's a bit loud, but has quick engagement. The bike is so quiet that a little bit of freewheel sound is kind of cool.

I went from the stock BMX chain to a SRAM PC68 8 speed chain. Not only is the chain quite a bit lighter, it feels more efficient. And I love the power link too...great for taking the chain off for cleaning.

While replacing the chain, I noticed the teeth on the chain ring were pretty worn down. I ended up going with a Surly Stainless Steel 32 teeth chain ring. It's a bit heavier than the aluminum ring, but is supposed to last much longer. And since the bolt mounts aren't recessed, you can flip it around and get even more use out of it.

The new drivetrain feels great! So great in fact, that I've had a hard time riding any other bike in the last couple weeks.


wolfy said...

My Surly Ring likes to spit out bolts. Get those buggers nice and tight. Seen a few pics of those things all twisted up after loosing a bolt.

At the same time, I rode 11 miles on mine with only three of 5 chainring bolts. So go figure.


Jeff said...

A guy on Flickr said to get the steel bolts...said that you could get them real tight.

I checked the bolts after the first ride and found that a couple of them needed to be tighter. So maybe they loosened up... Better check them again before tomorrow's ride!

Jeff said...

The instructions said to use grease on the bolts, but maybe lock-tight is a better idea?