Friday, March 24, 2006

Where is Bill?

"Where is Bill?" It's a question I hear pretty often. Bill told us today that he's down in Texas gearing up to do some low altitude mountain biking. Bill joined the riding group sometime in 2001...sometime near the beginning. This was back in the day when we'd do the Winnie Lane Loop and call it a huge ride. There was one time Bill almost passed out at the "top of the hill"... a place that we now think of as the beginning of the dirt trails. Bill gained fitness with all of us and was soon doing all the rides up at Lake Tahoe. There were a few bumps in the trail though. One was the separated shoulder incident on the sandy downhill. And who can forget the infamous care flight ride for the pulled hamstring? Don't make jokes with the'll cost you! Bill retired last year, but has continued to ride with us off and on since then. And unfortunately, now that he's down in Texas, we will see even less of him.

The picture above was taken from one of our "Hole in the Ground" trail rides. The picture shows Bill telling one of his famous stories. I think he may be exaggerating a little bit...

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