Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Trail

I had the fine pleasure of riding by myself today, so I thought I'd go do some exploring. Exploring usually turns into a death march, so it's best not to drag the whole group through the experience. Today's exploration was no different than the typical, although it was mostly because of the particular bike I was on (single speed), wet sandy mud, and a good head wind. There is a new fire break that goes from King Street all the way to the canyon behind C-Hill. I made all the climbs except for one, but my heart rate was near max the whole trip. It was a bit better on the way back without the head wind, and I took an early out off the trail to get back to the road. I think the trail will be more fun as the dirt dries out.

And since the trail came out near the trail head of our South Side of C-Hill run, I was able to check out the trail conditions. We haven't done that trail this year, and it looks a bit different than last we saw it. The most notable difference is that the dry creek bed is not dry anymore. It will be interesting to explore the upper part of the trail since it crosses the creek bed several times. And of course there are the excavation scars from last year, but it doesn't appear to be any worse than last year...that may be good news.

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