Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Code Yellow: Estrogen Levels Elevated

Last year we were shocked to pick up a female rider. We were even more shocked when she started keeping up with us. Well it has happened again. Sandie has joined the group this winter, and has quickly gone from calling Washington Street "a big hill" to knocking out the Lakeview Loop in a lunch hour. I sense Barbara is pleased to have another female companion around too. Pleased yes...but it has also bred some competition. On some days, Sandie is the Snake to Barbara's Mongoose. Or is it the Mongoose to her Snake? I don't exactly remember. Either way it's fierce! Sandie is still riding a heavier hard tail at the moment, but plans to buy a race bike this spring. So fellas...don't let your guard down and keep training hard. Start thinking about race tires and titanium parts so your machismo is not too badly bruised...

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