Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More Snow...

Only six more days until Spring begins, and winter is still going strong. Today's blizzard ride was a blast nonetheless. The snow was coming down hard, but it wasn't sticking to the roads. Three and a half months now of riding in the snow...we know the routine. You just don't really expect anything exciting. Today seemed pretty fun for some reason though. We ran into our jogger friend on the bike path, and he advised us to chain up. I figured we had our snow tires on, so we pressed on. We did the Lakeview climb, and the closer we got to the top, the less visibility we had. I was concerned the cars wouldn't see us it was that bad. The descent was crazy. I warned Sandie that our brakes didn't work very well wet and to control her speed on the hill. Either she didn't care or didn't hear me, because she disappeared into the blizzard. Barbara didn't have any glasses on, so she was hanging back some. I did my best to keep a moderate speed, but the icy snow stung my face. It felt like a thousand tiny needles. I couldn't look up the road for more than a couple seconds, and then had to tuck my head down out of the blast. The snow had picked up and I lost sight of the rider in front of me and in back of me. Either Sandie was hauling ass, or she went off the cliff...wasn't sure. I finally got to the bottom and Sandie was waiting for us. Barbara showed up a few moments later, squinting from the icy breeze. She had grabbed the wrong tights today too...the ones with a saucer sized rip in the knee. A cold, red, wind burned knee was peeking out of the hole. The next couple miles were just a leisurely pedal. We were just trying to stay warm. We ran into Patrick on the way back. He had his snow goggles on was headed out for his own adventure.

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