Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not a Good Single Speed Day

Today, I had one of my worst rides in recent memory (but it was still better than bellying up to the buffet table).

I decided I was going to try the tree run and maybe part of Deer run if I had time. I changed that plan as soon as I hit C1. The whole climb was deep mud, but I wasn’t quite bright enough to turn back. Instead, I had to stop three times on the climb to keep my heart from exploding.

I finally got to the water tower and decided to cut my losses and head toward Stewart’s run from there. The mud on that mild downhill was as slick as snot. I tried to stay in the middle of that off camber trail, but eventually gave up and rode the washout on the right side of the trail.

I then decided to try and ride as much of the fast path as I could. That was another mistake. I nosed into a washout and pinch flatted and then spent time cursing at my replacement tube because I couldn’t get the CO2 cylinder to fill it properly.

To top it off, the thick mud had gunked up the whole bike, so the front brake was dragging all the way back home.

Would you like some cheese with this whine?

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