Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mt. Rose Meadows to Ash Canyon via the Tahoe Rim Trail

This past Sunday Kathy and I and our respective husbands went on a ride together. It was a beautiful day and a great ride I highly recommend it.

You take Mount Rose Highway to the meadows and park in that parking lot on the left hand side (free). You then proceed north out of the parking lot toward a bulletin board and then after a switchback you are going west and then south through the meadow.

You follow this until you are at the intersection where you can take the red flume or go to Hobart. Take the turn to the east toward Hobart. Then you proceed and walk across the dam and head past Hobart to Ash Canyon. The trail leads you down the canyon right past the entrance to our very own Deer Run! We left Mike's truck up there and they went and got it later. We did see some folks do a loop but I do not know if that is as fun as what we did. I think it would be more challenging though. This section of the TRT is only open to MTB on even days so it was pretty active out there.

Here are the stats:

Miles ridden: 20.5
Crashes that happened: 2
Flat tires: 0
Broken shocks: 1
Carvings of naked ladies: 1
Post ride latte's: 4

You can read the more here at The Ruybalid Family Blog

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