Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lakeview to the V&T Railroad Grade

On Monday's we usually do the Lakeview Loop. The climb is somewhat gentle, and you get some miles without being overly strenuous. It's a good warm up to the riding week. The climb is mostly on pavement, and has always been a good place to race each other up the hill. From the top of the climb you can look north towards Washoe Lake.

The dirt section begins here with a climb over the saddle.

Before you get to the Railroad Grade, there is a fast, fun descent down a deep sandy road. You can go as fast as your courage will allow...a great test of your sand riding skills.

The final leg of the trail goes along the old V&T Railroad Grade. Most of this section is a gentle downhill grade, but there are a few challenges. Sometimes the grade is blocked by huge mounds that now have fun singletracks across the top.

The dirt eventually ends, and it's pavement back to work.

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