Wednesday, October 20, 2004


No riding yesterday or today. It hasn't rained for months, so now it's making up for lost time. I don't mind the cold or snow, but riding in rain is miserable.

Instead of seeking fitness today, I went out for Krispy Cheeseburgers with my buddy Scott. I told Scott that I was a little chilly, and that my heater never really kicked on during the drive to the burger place. He just rolled his eyes. I suddenly realized I had made a wussy-esque statement. Scott drives for UPS, and drives with no right door all day. He said his feet had been wet for 2 hours already, and he still had 6 hours to go with wet shoes. So maybe I wasn't that cold after all...

Huffy bicycles filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. Huffy imports its bicycles from southeast Asia, including China and Taiwan, and sells them through high-volume retailers that account for about 85 percent of all wheeled products sold in the United States. It's amazing that 85 percent of the population chooses to ride a sub-standard bike, assembled by a sub-standard "bicycle mechanic". Recently, the neighbor kid brought over his new WalMart bike for my inspection. The rear brakes were not even functional! I guess they sell enough of this crap so they can afford the law suits! I did what I could do with the barrel adjusters to tighten the brake cables, but it wasn't enough. I told him that cables stretch on a new bike, and that he needed to come back over this coming weekend for a tune-up. He was very proud of his new bike, so I sugar coated it for him. He should have a decent bike for his skill level after I fix it for him.

Die Huffy Die!

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