Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Behind Enemy Lines

Today we sent two operatives (we'll call them Mr. M and Mr. O to protect their identities) deep into the "Burn Zone". Risking life and liberty, these two operatives pedaled around a road closed sign, and climbed up the dirt road to the top of Timberline. The only witness to the trespass was a young man of about 5, watering the plants in his underpants. Here's the declassified account...

"The climb was littered with smashed hay bails. I don't think they were dropped there intentionally, they just bounced down the hill above the road. They were fun to ride through. I felt my self pounding the pedals, and my heart was racing. Not because I was tired though. I was trespassing, and I wanted to get the heck out of Dodge. We took a quick breather at the top of the climb. What was left of the pine trees didn't provide very much cover, so we deiced to get going. That's when we saw the truck coming up the road. Fortunately, the truck was going up the road to the water tower above Timberline. We still didn't want to be seen though, so we waited for the truck to turn the corner, and we took off. I was suddenly reintroduced to mountain biking. I was turning, jumping, braking, so many things that I haven't done for three months. I remembered why I decided to by a 5 inch travel bike! A minute went by, and we weren't even half way down! We were pedaling hard, swerving through some hay bails, riding a wheelie through others. The tires were biting in as we railed the high speed corners. Was this trail ever this fun? I can't remember. The trail was definitely a little different from all the dozers and forest trucks, but still familiar. Will I go back and do it again? You bet. Not that often at first though..."

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