Saturday, April 07, 2007

New Bike!

It didn't take long to find my son a real mountain bike. I got him a Trek with 20 inch wheels and a grip shift controlled six speed rear cassette. The bike is adjustable as he grows with a customizable stem, and two different sets of holes on the cranks. We broke the bike in today in Russian Gulch State Park near Fort Bragg, CA. My son borrowed my Pearl Izumi arm warmers for his legs!

More pictures HERE.


Chris said...

Nice wheels. Add it to the garage collection.

rigtenzin said...

I've seen a few dads having offroad fun with their kids. I hope mine grow to like it too.

Have fun.

Michelle said...

Cool!!! My son is my main riding partner. It's a great sport to share (as you know).

lauren said...

that's so fun! the trails look great.

i did a ride with my son yesterday (easter).