Monday, May 22, 2006

Bike to Work Week

Carson City celebrated Bike to Work Week May 15th through the 19th. I've been biking "at work" for 5 years now, but never "to work". After some nagging from some fellow cyclists, I decided to ride to work. Nobody said I had to ride home from work, so I thought what the heck. On the last day I set out on my road bike at 06:50 from Gardnerville. I reached the north end of Minden and the bank clock said 7:20. It was taking longer than I though it would. I was skeptical I'd make it to work by 9:00! I got onto HWY 395 where the traffic hits 70 mph. This was totally unnerving. About a mile later I hear a hissing from my rear tire. Nooooo...I didn't want to change a flat here! My cell phone was in my pack, and I was tempted to call my back-out ride. I decided to quit crying and just changed the tube. I was on the road again. My back-out ride drove by about this time and waved...I was committed now. About this time though the road seemed wider, and the traffic not so bad. The miles were starting to go by quickly. I had crossed the Carson River and was nearing Indian Hills. I wasn't sure how tough this hill would be, but it was no big deal. Fairly easy in the middle chain ring. From the top of Indian Hills it was mostly down hill all the way to work. I took a side street through Carson City that has a designated bike lane. This was great. I was actually passing cars here. It was a 25 mph zone with frequent 4 way stops. If you were in a car, you'd have to wait for a while as the cars were bunched up. On the bike, you went to the front of the line. I finally arrived at work. 17.1 miles. And it was only 08:10. Without the flat tire, I would've been on time. It was a great experiment, and I plan to do it again. I may have to take a different route to avoid the 70 mph zone though...even if it adds five miles. I hitched a ride home with my Mother-In-Law...didn't have it in me for a return ride. Oh...and by the way...if you lost your Freedom Magnet or Support the Troops Magnet...I found them. Freaking Litter Bugs!

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iz said...

If you'll be doing a bike to work week event this year, please stop by Bike to work and add the event there.