Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Rainbows and Simooms

Today's ride started off with a pretty Rainbow, but quickly turned into a hell born simoom-like wind storm. We attempted C1 today...a climb that normally takes about 5 minutes. It took us about 20 minutes today. We had to stop occasionlly to curl up as the 50 mph wind gusts pelted us with sand and ice. Our tracks in the deep mud looked like those of a drunkard's. At one point, the wind blew Patrick into a complete U-Turn. I looked back to see him heading back down the first I thought he was deserting me. It was so hard and miserable that it was actually funny. And that's what made it enjoyable (if that makes any sense). The ride ended with a squishy mud down hill that turned out to be pretty fun. Patrick lost his water bottle at some point...maybe when he tossed his bike across the ditch. And to think I almost didn't go today.

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